About AWL

AWL is your global partner for automated joining solutions.

With facilities in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico, and the United States, we support our customers all over the world. This guarantees our customers’ global productivity by means of smart and reliable solutions in the field of high-end automation, robotization and joining technologies.

We distinguish you further from the competition with smart, flexible productions, innovative technologies, intuitive machine operation, and integrated quality control all of which are reliable and offer a high uptime. Our creative machine concepts make a significant contribution to effectiveness, reliability, ergonomics, machine intelligence and safety.

AWL is a systems integrator of state of the art automated high-tech machinery with more than 50 years of experience. Today, we are a private company with more than 700 staff worldwide.

Whereas we started as a company that was specialized in spot and arc welding, and later also laser welding, other automation tasks such as glued joints, vision systems, product handling, quality control, and traceability are now just as important. All disciplines are represented in our organization so that we can offer complete solutions.

We take care of everything for our customers, from concept engineering through production start-up. All competencies are represented in our organization enabling projects to be carried out successfully. We focus on both the automotive and the machine industries, where high production volumes and a high level of automation are essential.

Mission and Vision

The world around us is changing faster than ever before; robots for instance will be increasingly integrated into our daily routine. We strive to increase our competence and performance, so that our customers can continue to keep ahead. Our committed employees are focused on innovation and on an open dialog with our customers. This ensures that we understand their affairs and know what is in the pipeline. We are convinced that this approach with our employees and our customers is the road to a successful future and offers a solid foundation, based on trust, respect and understanding. We are dedicated to creating added value for our customers, our staff and for all our stakeholders, in the long term.

By designing smart machine concepts, we guarantee constant production and excellent end product quality. We believe in being a smart and reliable partner for our customers. This is mirrored in our products, personnel and how we work.

Our mission

“It is our mission to ensure that our customers in the manufacturing industry achieve the highest productivity levels for their worldwide production by supplying smart and reliable solutions in the field of high-end automation, robotization and connected technology.”

Our vision

“In a quickly shifting market, we are convinced that in the coming years, automation and robotization will shape the world in which we live and work. AWL retains a leading position through innovation and strong partnership.”


Brand van ’t Hof – Chief Executive Officer

“Engineering is my passion. Technology and innovation drive the future, whereby we have the courage to change and to innovate. Change is also in the relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. This change means that they become partners with the same passion for engineering. We share the same passion worldwide. By working smarter together and enjoying technology, we collectively make the difference.”

Pieter-Matthijs Fegel – Chief Financial Officer

“AWL is a beautiful company and an example within the Dutch manufacturing industry. The company has succeeded in building up a renowned customer database within the premium segment of the automotive and metal industries. The challenge for me is to properly supervise the further growth of AWL and to conduct a financially responsible policy.”

Rik de Muinck — Director Global Sales

“There are endless possibilities for the further worldwide development and professionalization of AWL as a machine builder in the dynamic marketplace; what we did well today, we can do even better tomorrow. No two days, projects or customers are the same. Together with a team of professionals, this motivates me every day to translate strategy and customer value into new developments and winning solutions, in order to establish a basis for customer satisfaction and growth at AWL.”

Arjen Vos – Director Strategy & Development

“It is a privilege to be involved with a worldwide high-tech company - but one with a social heart - like AWL. Creating the connection between people and teams, solving complex challenges and working together on the future are what motivate me. By continuously working on technical and social innovation, we keep our customers ahead in their market.”

Experience center

We have an Experience Center, which we are very proud of. The center offers the possibility of creating test assemblies and of running trial series and pre-series. Reliable applications are realized based on the newest technologies. We also use it for carrying out welding tests, so that we can validate our customers’ new developments. We thus make it possible to start up new production processes quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, in collaboration with the Fieldlab Industrial Robotics (FIR), we train here robotics technicians and robot engineers. In addition, work is done in the FIR devoted to developing our own personnel for the future and contributing to social development in preparing the industry for robotization. From Harderwijk, we offer not only schools, but also customers the possibility of developing and experimenting with new technologies and applications. The Experience Center is also an ongoing demonstration environment, where you as a supplier can demonstrate technologies to your customers.

Our professionals are convinced that humans will continue to play a crucial role in “smart industry”. In the Experience Center, we are now experimenting with collaborative robots (cobots). These robots have been specially designed to work together with humans; robotization is a human effort.

We have also realized test set-ups for validating developments in the areas of laser welding, spot welding, arc welding, Vision technology and PLC control technology.

AWL Experience center

AWL Experience center


AWL is in constant contact with customers and market parties, thus enabling us to signal opportunities to support your company. In this respect, we focus on innovation in product automation, joining technologies, and productivity improvement.

For instance, we participate in MechDes Engineering to facilitate innovation. MechDes Engineering is our partner in detailed engineering. They specialize in the mechanical design of high-grade, knowledge-intensive production lines with a focus on production automation.

In 2017, AWL bought ICS Robotics and Automation Ltd, a robotic welding and automation specialist based in the UK and Ireland. ICS has been in the business of robotic welding and automation since 1989.

We also work with regular suppliers and together with various schools, platforms and institutes we put technology on the Dutch map.


We want to be the best in all aspects of our enterprise. In order to provide our customers with the best service possible, we only integrate “world-class” components in our machines. Thus we continue to keep ahead with new developments. We have a strategic partnership with a large number of our suppliers. Thus realizing innovation and keeping you as a customer ahead in the field of high-end automation, robotization and connected technologies.

An overview of our suppliers is given below:

Pneumatics / Spanners


Laser welding

Arc welding

Resistance welding


Would you also like to become a supplier for AWL? Contact us.


AWL can look back on a very successful partnership with the organizations mentioned below. Together we work hard on putting technology on the map in the Netherlands.

Certified Machinery Safety Expert

AWL has received the certificate CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert. This certificate is a globally recognised qualification enabling a 360° approach to machinery safety.


AWL has a history going back some fifty years. Our activities started in the 60's with construction work and special projects involving resistance welding. On June 10, 1993, AWL-Techniek became an independent company. Since then, AWL has developed independently into a partner for the automotive and machine industries. The global automotive manufacturers now see us as the innovative and reliable partner that works together with them worldwide on developing their production. In 1998 we moved from Nunspeet to our current location.


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