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  • Wouter Zweers talks in Industrial Laser Solutions about AWL

Quality monitoring in laser welding gains importance. Increased output from laser welding systems drives this need.

Laser welding has become more popular in automotive body-in-white and component production because it is highly productive—a single laser welding robot can replace up to five conventional spot welding robots. High-power disk or fiber lasers, combined with a scanner welding head and an industrial robot for on-the-fly laser welding, can produce more than one hundred welds per minute.

This causes a challenge: if the production is so high, how can one ensure that stable, good-quality welds are produced? Often, crash safety-relevant parts are produced in the automotive industry, making weld quality even more important. AWL-Techniek, as a specialized machine builder, supports its customers in tackling this challenge.

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Posted on Nov 13, 2017


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