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If we look toward the future, it is always difficult to predict what it will bring. However, one thing is sure: things that are around today will be different tomorrow. The trick is to focus on the right changes, make investments, and convert this to a competitive product for the market. The time to market is becoming increasingly shorter, and prices are under pressure. AWL wants to help her customers to plan things today to ensure a better future. By starting a modularization program, we can offer you successfully modular production concepts, but still customizable, in order to meet your unique needs. Let us introduce you our modular solution: M-Line.


AWL believes in providing you the best solutions for competitive prices and lead times. With M-Line, AWL translates your request into a flexible and customer-specific production concept that guarantees years of carefree, and cost-effective production; ensuring global productivity. With detailed specifications of our modular solutions, we give you a clear overview of what you get and what we promise. It will speed up the process of machine configuration. Modularization supports the strategy for standardizing the production process but also to increase the efficiency of your production capacity. 

AWL has already sold several M-Line machines, and our customers are satisfied; modularization works!


There is a need for flexibility in production. Quick change-over times offer you the required flexibility to meet these demands and maximize the use of your investment. With M-Line we give you the optimal flexibility in case of product changes, capacity increase, and re-use. Because an M-Line machine consists of different modules, it is possible to give an M-Line a second life by exchanging or updating current modules against new modules to fulfill the requirements of new end products.

Cost effective sourcing

As value for money becomes even more important, it is crucial to really understand what you buy. It is easier and more transparent to source with M-Line because we have a standardized and configurable product. You have reliable prices, receive faster a quotation, and you get a clear scope and functional design of the configured modules. It also eases working with a framework agreement and the lead time from Request for Proposal to nomination is shortened. M-Line helps you to buy flexible modular machines for your production, and in addition to that, it optimizes the return on investment and meets your demands for lower operational costs.

AWL intents to reduce its lead time by more than 25%

Lead time reduction

With M-Line, AWL intents to reduce its lead time by more than 25%. By using flow line production philosophy in our facility, we can build quick and parallel. Each module is tested before being connected. Moreover, by setting up a standardized and configurable product, we do not need additional engineering after your order. With the lead time being reduced it either helps us to deliver more quickly or spend time with you to enhance the requirements. There is more clarity about the product and volumes — resulting in less financial costs and risks.

Optimal usage

With M-Line we created advantages for different users within your company. An operator will get a pleasant, recognizably working environment. By using components with ProfiNet/EthernetIPmaintenance receives a quick diagnosis. We also defined several part racking systems, to be able to connect to your logistic concepts. With M-Line we have the option to load from outside or inside the machine. High uptime of the machine is important. With M-Line you have the option to get an overview of the status of all machines and insights in failure announcements and productivity. AWL developed a system called Lyla that collects data from various machines to monitor its functionality and performance. With Lyla, we can provide you better services.

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Quick commisioning

With M-Line AWL ensures quicker commissioning and easy transport. We can transport the modules in standard sized trucks and containers if needed. The transport of a module can be done with mid-sized forklift trucks, and it also has better maneuverability inside your plant. Building up the machine will be simplified by connecting the connectors of the modules. When the modules are in place, they are easy to connect with the connectors.

Floor space reduction

With the M-Line machine, we are able to reduce the floor space of a machine up to 20%. This is made possible by two factors: the part racking will be integrated instead of outside the machine and our custom machines have a horizontal split instead of vertical. A horizontal split allows placing the equipment on the total width of the cell.

We are able to reduce floor space of a machine up to 20%

High quality

M-Line enables AWL to deliver modularized systems of the same consistent high quality to its customers worldwide, adjusted if necessary to local needs. Each module will be validated before it comes together — no startup problems. Lyla enables you to optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) further lower the Not OK rate by visualizing the
performances of the machine.

Ready for the automated factory

The world will continue changing, and AWL will always look ahead and anticipate the future. We believe that the fully automated factory is one of the innovations of the future. With M-Line we are ready for the future. Modular solutions for machines and software are the fundament to integrate innovations as bin picking and autonomous mobile robots together with flexible modules in the fully automated factory. AWL believes the M-line machines are an important next step towards the (fully) automated factory.

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