Autonomous Mobile Robots

AMRs are multifunctional. They can be the supplier to your production line, they can have a vital function in the ‘Fully Automated Factory’ or they can be used as data collectors in an analytics enterprise or predictive maintenance application.

The use of AMRs

AMRs can be used to supply your production lines with parts just in time. We can build our machines in such a way that AMRs can be integrated into the layout. The AMR enables a flexible and dynamic organization of your factory floor space. They can free up space and carry bin full of parts, which creates buffers for storage for the productproducing machine.AMRs are versatile – they can execute planned tasks as well as enable just-intime supply of parts and/or products.

As technology grows more sophisticated and intuitive, we believe that Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) will become multifaceted actors in an overall solution.

What we can offer you

Together we can build AMR concepts for you: physical and mechanical interfaces to machines and stations. We develop and deploy highly available middleware that can interface with your existing ERP infrastructure. By providing highly available dashboards, APIs and analytics, we give you insights into the usages of your AMR fleet that can be used to extract further productivity from your machines and processes.

Why AWL?

At AWL we can work with different reliable brands. We abstract away the brand-specific complexities of fleet management, route planning & logistic optimization and offer you a seamless middle ware experience. We take safety very seriously, safety norms are vital to our development process. We are also working with Pilz for safety and risk assessment and analyses. Besides that, we are a Gold Integrator member of the Robotic Industries Association (RIA).

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