Collaborative robots

At AWL, we believe that the collaborative robot (cobot) technology is a game changer for the decade to come. Both in the metal processing industry and the automotive industry.

The main advantages of cobots compared to industrial robots are:
- Safe collaborative operations (together with human co-workers)
- Ease of programming

Collaborative automation enables people and robots to contribute their own unique and strong points; people offer process knowledge, insight, and flexibility, while robots deliver inexhaustible endurance for precise repetitive tasks. This mix makes automation with cobots interesting for the manufacturing industry of small batches with a lot of variation.

Welding cobot

Ease of programming

For small series or repetitive welding tasks, it is possible for companies to make use of robotic precision and its repetitiveness. In other words, the welding employee should be able to program the robot for a new task himself without the interference of an integrator. The cobot welding station, which is also used by the welding department of AWL itself, enables this. The consistency of the end product’s quality is independent of the seniority of the welding employee.

Bin picking

Repetitive tasks

Machine operators work in many workplaces to load a machine with products. In many cases, these products are randomly deposited in a container, where the employee picks them one by one. By combining a cobot with vision technology, this repetitive task can be taken over from the employee. The advantage is that the cobot can be used flexibly with different machines and occupies a small floor space.

Autonomous nut-welding station

Collaborative operations

Focusing on the welding machines of AWL, this can be interesting to add a cobot to the operator’s side, as a co-worker that aids in preparing products for the primary process. For example, nut welding is often manual work which must be carried out by an operator in addition to his other work. By having this task taken over by a cobot, the cycle times of the AWL welding station are less under pressure, and the quality of nut welding is increased because it is not dependent on the firm hand of an operator.

The collaboration between people and robots is becoming more important all the time because, in many industries, production has shifted from large batches with little variation to low volumes with great variation. This means greater variety and more human interventions.

What AWL can do for you?

Together with you, we can build the physical concepts for the integration of cobots in your plant. One of the concepts that we build is automating different jobs in your "part rack", such as labeling, engraving, or nut-welding. Another physical concept that we can build is making the optimal working environment for your hand-welder by using the co-welder. AWL brings the solution, from concept to final delivery, to your factory as a turn-key project.

Why AWL?

We are an experienced specialist in the field of welding and joining applications in some of the most demanding industries at this moment. AWL offers you an all-in integrated solution with safety as a high priority.

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