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We all know that the industrial market today is changing faster than ever; big ideas and requested business improvements. And with innovation, AWL finds an opportunity to achieve a higher level of value and productivity; we realize that data holds the key to optimal efficiency and performance. Data will drive your business improvements. AWL will enable you to boost your productivity by delivering machines with self-controlling and self-learning capabilities. 


The industry is changing and transforming. AWL is part of this and is developing from a traditional machine builder to one with specialisms in the field of machine software and IT. Digitization enables status insights in machine and plant productivity. And with increasing plant automation, the need for tools to control and manage the process are becoming more and more important. Through our digitization program, we can provide the data and significantly help to improve your productivity.

AWL is developing from a traditional machine builder to one with specialisms in the field of machine software and IT.


At one customer’s plant, we were able to track in detail the output during the shifts, and we could see a significant decline in productivity in the last 20-30 minutes approaching shift end. Data out of our machine could show a drop in activity. After it was recognized, it enabled to modify and shape targets and reward systems to correct and improve things. Without the data analysis, the problem would not be apparent to plant managers.


We are able to do this by offering APIs (Application Programming Interface) in our solutions. You can see an API as a connector that allows software applications to communicate with one another. Some parts of our code are available to developers so that they can collect information out of our system. The code we exposed is called the API. With API, the machines are connected, and we use this connection to push data to a dashboard and analyze the productivity of your plant. This information will improve your future business processes by gaining insights into your production process and enabling you to increase productivity. Also, the data helps us to develop new functionality and services. AWL creates added value by offering this as standard functionality in our solutions.


Production environments aspire to achieve the highest level of efficiency, which is determined by several factors such as the machine’s uptime, speed, and quality of production. However, valuable data that indicates the balance between efficiency factors and performance indicators are often lost or inaccessible; the reason that we brought Lyla to life. Lyla is a dashboard system that collects data to monitor the functionality and performance of machines. The data is collected in real time from various machines on site to reach the central on-premise located Lyla server.

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We don’t think the collection of data should be a choice, which is why AWL implemented standard data logging in our machines. The data is stored in the machine at your production plant. This stored data makes excellent service, and problem analysis possible. You could use this data for related processes such as machine maintenance, process optimization, logistics and, finance. We will develop a new applications to support you even further in the coming years.


So how do we see the future? We believe a flexible production system with high levels of productivity will be enabled by digitalization. We develop our strategic network to complement our capabilities by using ERP systems and supplier platform integration. Digital business processes will allow you to create a digital twin (virtual representation) of the end product, machine, plant, and performance. Digital twins will play an integral role in our technology-driven modern industrial world. To reach this goal, AWL is creating an open ecosystem, so you use machine data to create your digital models, data analysis and improvement plans.

Digital twins will play an integral role in our technology-driven modern industrial world.

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