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As a producer, you want to get as much production as possible from your machines. But how can you best identify opportunities for improvement in your plant? And how do you ensure that performance remains on-track? These and many other questions can be answered with the available data from the machine. However, valuable data could help you balance performance and efficiency are often lost or inaccessible. That’s why AWL created Lyla.

Lyla is a dashboard system that helps you to collect and evaluate this data, allowing you to capitalize on its value in the simplest possible way. Lyla is designed to guide you through each step of this process. We would like to show you how Lyla operates, and how it can be of value to your production location.

Lyla helps you to collect and evaluate your machine data

Lyla can be opened from any modern web browser and device. However, this does not mean that Lyla is connected to the internet. The Lyla server is installed on-premise so that your data never leaves your production facility without your permission. Lyla comes with a user-friendly dashboard that operates on three layers. 

1. Overview page

The first layer provides accurate reports and real-time insights into the production status of all the machines connected to the system and displays any needed maintenance that requires urgent attention.

2. Reports

The second layer is an overview of the machine-crossing reports. This will indicate performance level; and will highlight any improvement potentials within a machine or the production line.

3. Machine analytics

The last layer provides you with machine specific analytics to show the improvement potential, in that specific machine.

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