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Each year, 5xbeter awards the title of Strong as Iron Company for the efforts made by a small and a large company in the field of safe and healthy working. This concerns companies that stand out for what they achieve in the field of safe and healthy working; according to 5xbeter, these are strong as iron companies. Daily, they continue to focus attention on a safe work floor, sometimes against the tide. From the management to the employee, everyone is involved. The 5xbeter Improvement Coaches nominated seven companies in the metalworking and electrical engineering industry for the title Strong as Iron Company 2017.

The jury describes in its report: “I asked an employee in the sawmill how they ensure that work continued to be done safely. He told me that he reacted to specific noises caused by colleagues who want to work too fast. Sometimes you hear something hitting a block while being lifted. ‘Then I let out a holler’, as he put it. This tells the other person that he has to calm down.” The jury also describes: “AWL thought that the lifting courses offered on the market were too lightweight, so a more solid course was made.”

AWL continuously aims for improving the safety culture. For instance, well before their first working day, new employees are informed of the safety rules at home via an e-learning module developed by AWL; unsafe situations are always taken seriously by the management team and finally, the jury report also praises the attention paid by AWL for healthy working (by means of the Boost Your Life program). In alphabetical order, the nominees were:

  • AWL Techniek, Harderwijk
  • Fast and Fluid, Sassenheim
  • Kuhn, Geldrop* Metalco, Oisterwijk
  • SAPA, Drunen
  • Vimabo Metal Industry, Dinxperlo

Posted on Jun 28, 2017


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