Our service team consists of experienced and trained staff with ample knowledge of our machines. We employ service engineers worldwide, and where necessary, we aim to serve your production sites in their own language. With our complete service program, we work together with you on global effectiveness and efficiency: “Ensuring global productivity”.
AWL is at your service 24/7. We deliver customization based on your operational hours.


T +31 (0)341 411 855
E service@awl.nl

Are you calling from China, Mexico or the United States and do you need service? Then contact the branch in your area.

24/7 Service Online Support

With our “24/7 Service Online Support”, it is possible to use a secure online connection to diagnose and, if required, to immediately proceed with solving the issue. This service package enables us to inspect, monitor and adjust the machine process. We are also able to create a backup, but we can also carry out minor adjustments in the control system and/or to the process parameters. The goal of 24/7 Service Online Support is to assist you in getting running again as quickly as possible in the event of a production stoppage. We can of course support you later in defining and executing further corrective actions.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance of your machine(s) is essential as far as continuity and a high level of productivity is concerned. Our field service branch is specialized in carrying out inspections and preventive maintenance.

An inspection can be carried out when needed (ad hoc) or regularly (scheduled, on a contract basis).
During an inspection, we start with a status measurement. During this status measurement, simple issues or shortcomings are resolved immediately. After the inspection, you receive a report with findings and recommendations. If necessary, we will then offer you a customized quotation for carrying out preventive maintenance.

Within the framework of preventive maintenance, we also offer data logging. This stores the notifications and events from the controls on a separate device, which is also made accessible to the customer. This stores the data locally, and using the secure online connection it can also be read by AWL (the storage time is approx. six months). This service prepares you for future developments. In the event of a fault or an optimization/adjustment issue, it also allows the history to be consulted.


  • Controls
  • Process
  • Robot
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Maintenance
  • Machine use

Spare & Wear Parts

  • Customization based on delivery times
  • Delivery during the machine's life cycle
  • In the event of a stoppage, we guarantee the utmost effort to limit your idle time.


  • Machine adjustments
  • Upgrades
  • Optimization
  • Process support
  • Service Online Support


  • Committed back office team
  • Availability of technical support
  • Standard availability during office hours


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