We develop intelligent, customized production machinery.

More than 50 years’ experience with smart machine concepts in the field of laser welding, resistance welding, arc welding and gluing.

Smart concepts

In collaboration with the customer, we develop a production concept with a focus on machine safety, ergonomics, logistics, product quality control and output.

As a systems integrator, AWL delivers added value by combining different joining techniques, such as laser, resistance and arc welding, gluing and cold joints, with other solutions such as mechanical machining, bending and cutting. The possibility of including your logistics challenge in the development of a concept, and even creating a link with ERP systems, enables us to deliver a real total solution. This delivers an optimal result between the speed, quality, stability and cost price management of your production process.

Unburdening is in our DNA

Choosing the smartest and most economic production concept is a complex challenge. Particularly when also confronted with hard deadlines and tight budgets. Our highly trained creative staff are always ready to contribute their ideas in this respect. They understand your business case and have an insight into the technical possibilities. Making life easier for the customer is in AWL's DNA: we advise right from the start of your product development. Are you interested in an orienting workshop? Contact us using the contact form.

Choosing AWL is choosing a good night's rest.

Project realization

We deliver what we promise, on time and within the budget. With our years of experience in the field of project management, we are able to engage with projects, ensure their orderly management and complete them successfully and quickly. Making life easier from A to Z.

AWL has carried out many projects worldwide in the field of the development and production of innovative welding machines. These AWL projects varied from robotic welding cells to complete production lines.

M-Line: Modular solutions for flexible demands

AWL believes in providing you the best solutions for competitive prices and lead times. With M-Line, AWL translates your request into a flexible and customer-specific production concept that guarantees years of carefree, and cost-effective production; ensuring global productivity. With detailed specifications of our modular solutions, we give you a clear overview of what you get and what we promise.

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Perception and visualization

AWL has an Experience Center, which we are very proud of. The center gives us the possibility of analyzing and optimizing applied technologies and improving the productivity of existing and new systems. We have the expertise in-house to simulate virtual robot applications, whereby machines can already be optimized extensively in a virtual environment. If during or after the realization of a project, changes still need to be carried out, the robot simulation provides the possibility of preparing this entirely virtually and thus to implement the changes with minimal interruptions.


For years, we have been delivering automated joining solutions with robots, and with great success! Our total solutions integrate welding jigs and robots with the processing technology.

Using robots to automate your logistics increases the efficiency and quality of your production line and saves production costs. This also helps you improve the safety of your business process.

We distinguish ourselves by obtaining the maximum benefit from robots using smart robot applications.


We are your worldwide partner in automated welding.


AWL stands out as an experienced supplier of automated production systems for the application of joining techniques on auto parts. Of all sectors, this one occupies a prominent position as far as new joining techniques, quality, 24-hour volume production, flexibility in product variants and short delivery times are concerned. We are keen to advise you herein. A smart machine concept is designed in collaboration, whereby machine safety, ergonomics, logistics, product quality control and output together with perfect joining techniques take central stage.

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We supply automated production systems for the metal packaging industry.


We are experienced in developing automated production systems for the manufacture of parts for warehouse racking. We are also your partner for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), vats, cans, fuel tanks, containers and other derived packaging products. As a systems integrator, AWL can help you generate reliable production. Important characteristics in this respect are a high degree of flexibility and quality.


Casings, such as control cabinets, air conditioning cabinets, stainless steel and steel cabinets must be of an extremely high visual and qualitative level. The joined products that come out of the machine are of such a quality that further post-processing is no longer necessary. Moreover, AWL's automated system solutions have continuously adjustable dimensions. Our machines can be easily switched to different product variants. Because the change-over times are short, different product variants can be produced on one line and the batch size can be adjusted as required. This enables you to serve your customer per order. We are also experienced in combining various different machining processes, such as die cutting, bending and brushing the welded joint. Various in-line quality assurance systems can also be employed which monitor the product dimensions and the welding quality.


The prefabrication of specific components fits in an efficient construction process, reducing the construction time and costs.

AWL is the systems integrator of high-tech machinery for prefabrication suppliers. Our professionals know about joining processes for e.g. heating systems, sprinklers, construction fences, pipe joints, doorposts, piping and high-bay warehouses. We also offer solutions for automatically joining parts in your specified quantities in the necessary cycle times. Direct control from ERP systems is one of our specialties.


AWL delivers automated production systems for joining steel furniture, such as seat frames and cupboards. Depending on the product requirements, a selection can be made from different joining techniques. We make efficient production possible using smart concepts. Our expertise ensures that production systems can be fully integrated into your production process. AWL is also your partner for the accompanying logistics.


The supplier of welding machines for the automotive supply chain.

Global presence, local support

Whereas each car model used to be separately designed and built, nowadays OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) combine several models within one single platform. Moreover, sometimes platforms are shared by several OEMs to save costs and to shorten lead times. For instance, a number of years ago Ford had 27 different models, but now they only have eight worldwide platforms.

AWL operates globally and provides for your specific needs locally with five branches on three continents. You can expect a global standard, quality and service. The global volume advantage also saves development costs!

AWL is your supplier of automated joining techniques for the automotive sector. The automotive sector sets high demands on innovation, quality, 24-hours volume production, flexibility in product variants and short lead times.


AWL has years of experience with the design requirements of e.g. seats, chassis, body parts and doors. Both for the automation concept as well as for the product design itself. AWL likes to provide its customers with advice at an early stage.

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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs


The direct suppliers of auto parts occupy a dominant position in the automotive sector. They are often considered the innovators in the branch. It is mainly these companies that realize innovation in the field of weight reductions and cost saving designs that give rise to new design trends. As AWL's Research & Development department works closely with universities, knowledge institutes, customers and suppliers, AWL is able to implement the newest innovative technologies, applications and knowledge about machine integration in the machinery required by these innovative suppliers.

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